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At MFA, we put our clients' needs first and foremost. We believe financial products shouldn't be sold; they should be professionally prescribed.

We understand every client lives vastly different life, and has different goals and aspirations.
Find out more of what we can help you with, as you embark on a different stage in life.

We help you to take charge of your own finances. Provide help and support to make those poignant and potentially life-changing big money purchases. From travel, cars, marriage, houses, and anything in between, we can assist with your savings and investments to reap the rewards you deserve.

Muslim Client

We understand the importance of investments and savings. We can help you prioritise your financial planning to suit any diverse, cultural needs. We appreciate our clients' trust and promise to deliver fair and ethical services.

YOUNG Parents

We’re passionate to grow with you and your family. Managing daily expenses such as childcare, health and education, or even future thinking such as taking care of aged parents and saving for retirement. We’re excited to help take away some of the pressure so you can be confident that you and your family are well supported in their life journey.

Family Planning

With children embarking on their exciting futures, it’s time to ensure you wealth preservation is in order! We help you to secure your comfortable retirement including keeping your health in check amongst rising medical costs. We know there’s plenty of life left in you yet, and we’re just as keen to help you to really me the most of it!

Silver Group

We embrace ‘active’ ageing. With the assurance of adequate medical cover and comprehensive wealth legacy planning, you can rest assured that the next generation can be stronger and more secure from YOUR legacy. 


We know more than anyone about keeping our business family safe, secure and happy! It’s what we do. We’re here to help you and your corporation benefit from medical and hospital requirements and wider corporate employee benefits.

Business Owners

We understand that continuity in business is important. And, as in life, things don’t always go as expected. We can help you with your essential business continuity planning and Key Man insurance to help serve and protect your business. Many business are built on partnerships, and we are here to ensure our partnership helps you to keep growing your business under any challenge or circumstance. 

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